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Awards of Distinction & Project Database Entry Form

The Modular Industry's Preeminent Awards

The Modular Building Institute's Awards of Distinction represent some of the highest honors awarded in the modular construction industry. Modular building companies self-nominate, while winners are chosen by an independent panel of industry experts and presented at World of Modular, MBI's annual convention and tradeshow. 

In addition to prestige, the benefits of winning extend throughout the year. Images of winning and runner-up projects are used in MBI's international marketing efforts—including its popular bi-monthly magazine and highly-ranked website—and, most prominently, MBI’s industry-leading annual reports.

Your Company's Project Data is Vital

This form may also be used to submit projects to the MBI Project Database without entering the Awards of Distinction contest. This data, stripped of identifying information and used in aggregate, allows MBI to create the most accurate research and reports possible. And MBI's interactive project database, soon to be available to all members, will be invaluable to the growth of the commercial modular construction industry.

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Contact Information


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Upload a 1300 pixels high x 2000 pixels wide horizontal exterior digital photo.

20MB max

Upload a 700 pixels high x 1100 pixels wide horizontal interior digital photo.

20MB max

Upload a 700 pixels high x 500 pixels wide vertical interior digital photo. This must be a different view than the interior horizontal photo.

20MB max

Upload a 700 pixels high x 800 pixels wide horizontal floorplan as a digital image.

20MB max

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Project Information

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Project Information

In 1000 characters or less, describe building layout, design, interior, and exterior appearance, relationship to surroundings, use of building, quantity, size, configurations of modules, and excellence in visual quality and planning rationale.

In 1000 characters or less, describe innovative uses of modular construction, accomplishment of special features and requirements in the offsite environment, new design, implementation of new solutions to unique problems, energy efficiency, resource efficiently, green building, and other technical innovations.

In 1000 characters or less, describe examples of cost-effective methods, materials utilized, method of installation, partnership with other entities, considerations providing for relocatability, and other factors which yield cost-effectiveness for the building user.

For Green Building entries only, in 1000 characters or less, describe how this project shows considerable improvement over traditional buildings in various "green" areas, like thermal comfort, indoor air quality, daylighting, acoustics, and resource efficiency. Also describe how the project may have achieved a recognized and generally accepted green building rating. For renovated entries, give a history of the entry including past module uses and how they came to be the current completed project.

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Optional Information

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Marketing Piece Information

Upload a 1300 pixels high x 2000 pixels wide image of your marketing piece.

20MB max

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Marketing Piece Information

Examples include: brochure, postcard, USB drive, website, social media, etc.

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